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Zentrifuge: Future Day

AJ and me today went to Zentrifuge again where we had the openSUSE Conference 2011 a couple of weeks ago. We were invited for a coffee and had a feedback session about the conference event. It was a success for both openSUSE and the Zentrifuge.

One thing I like to point out here is the Future Day, happening on november 19th 2011. It will be a one day congress at Zentrifuge around a changing society and new future concepts. It sounds like an interesting event for people thinking in different directions and people who care, about themselves, the world and the future…

Three speakers are already on the list:

  • Marion Küstenmacher, she is co-author of the “Simplyfy your life” books. She will talk about spirituality in the future society. Unexpected topic imo but certainly one to consider.
  • Martin Schmidt-Bredow, his topic is about economy in the 202X - what will change and what not?
  • Jan Wildeboer, a know man in the FOSS community, he talks about Open {Source, Standards, Knowledge, Minds, Society} - the return of manufacturing.

I think this is a very interesting line up. It’s hard to predict which topics and ideas the workshops will touch, and which conclusions one will take home in the evening. 

Maybe we as the openSUSE community should look beyond our own nose and see if we can contribute to this kind of movement? Software is already a lot, but I think for example the idea of freedom is more. Maybe this is a good opportunity to explore beyond the usual limitations. If you are interested let me know, I am sure we can negotiate a nice price….

Here is some more material about the day.