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Nov 8

Kraft 0.45 released

A couple of days after the release of Kraft 0.44 with new features I had to prepare a bugfix release. It’s labeled 0.45 and was released today. It fixes a bug that prints wrong decimal places on the PDF documents which results in wrong calculations on the document. 

That is a very severe and not acceptable bug, as the wrong documents could make it to a customer of a Kraft user and as a result harm the business. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Please skip Kraft 0.44 and use version 0.45 instead.

Nov 7

Kraft 0.44 released

around fife month after the last release I am happy to annouce version 0.44 of Kraft, the KDE software to manage business documents like offers and invoices in the small enterprise.

This development cycle was very much affected by work around the integration of the Akonadi based address book. I have gone through a lot of cycles of tries and tests, with various combinations of KDE- and PIM libraries and Akonadi and Nepomuk setups. Not always the stack was transparent to me nor the integration of the various parts perfect. But we’re KDE with our welknown community, and so I finally had the pleasure to go through my and other code and fix it togehter with Kevin and Tobias on Desktop Summit this summer. That brought back  motivation, thanks :-)

So now one of the strengthes of the KDE platform from the application developers POV, which is the availability of powerful software building blocks such as an easy integratable address book, is now back to Kraft and users can again fully benefit from it.

Apart from that I did a lot of small and larger bugfixes, for example 0.44 contains a full rewrite of the text template management for head- and footer texts. It contains a more clear UI and context sensitive help now for the users benefit.

Kraft now also comes with localized PDF templates for documents. It was possible to use custom templates before and there were localized ones around, but it was an administrative task to use them. Now Kraft picks automatically the right one depending on the language settings which should be a nice improvement for new users evaluating Kraft.

As usual I am happy to get feedback. Kraft is also very open to contributions, as in code, documentation, marketing bug reporting and such. Please check the Contribution Page on the project website for details.